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Artwork: Affichages sauvages

T IV 37

Affichages sauvages

Wild Bildstickings

June 1970

Work in situ

entirely under the responsibility of the [Gallery] Art Project, in the streets of

One man show

Alternating white and yellow vertical striped paper, each stripe 8.7 cm. wide.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Travail détruit après l'exposition


Collages of white and yellow striped paper - put up by Adrian van Ravesteijn - visible at several different places in the city:
• at the corner of Stadonweg and Beethovenstraat (17.6. 1970),
• Muzenplein (19.6 1970),
• at the corner of Ruysdaelstraat and SHobbemakade (22.6. 1970),
• Rijksverzekeningsbank (24.6.1970),
* Richard Wagnerstraat 8, (26.6. 1970)

Announcement of the exhibition by Dutch insert in the daily newspaper of Amsterdam - in Volkskrant - indicating the address and the day when the work could be seen with its description, but without giving the name of the artist and without explaining that it was an exhibition: White and yellow vertical stripes can be seen :..."


June 16-27 1970, "Unauthorized Postings"


* Adriaan Van Ravesteijn, Adriaan : Daniel Buren in Amsterdam, in Museumjournaal, Amsterdam, série 15/n° 4, septembre 1970, néerlandais, cit. et repr. p. 205

* Poinsot, Jean-Marc : “Buren”, in Mail art / Communication à distance / Concept, Paris : : Cedic, collection 60+, novembre 1971, anglais, français, cit.n.p.

Work destroyed after the exhibition.