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"200 Panneaux dans Paris – Affichages sauvages"
“Daniel Buren”
"Affichages sauvages" à l'occasion de l'exposition "Live in your Head / When Attitudes become Form / Works  Concepts - Processes - Situations - Information"
"Affichages sauvages recouvrant cinq panneaux publicitaires"
"Position – Proposition"
“Vertikala vita och gula band finns dag och natt” = “Vertical yellow and white stripes are visible”
“Cent-dix Stations du métro parisien” [One hundred and ten Parisian Metro stations]
"Affichages sauvages",
"Two works - Unauthorized Postings"
"Daniel Buren"
"Fifty Bus Benches"
"Unauthorized Postings"
Daniel Buren – they are obviously alternating colored and white vertical stripes, 1966-1970”
"Daniel Buren – On the Snack Bar”
"You are invited to read this as a guide to what can be seen [Part 1]"
"Invitation to read this as an indication of what there is to see"
"Art Happening"
"Zu Lesen als Anhaltspunkt Dessen was zu sehen ist"
"Daniel Buren"
"Five works in Paris - unauthorized postings'
"Dunkelgrün HKS 55 N"
“A Private Collector”
"Giallo S FL 2/10 / Sarannao presentate striscie verticali bianche e colorate sul retro esempio di un colore che puo essere utilizzato"