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Artwork: [Sans Titre – Encre sur papier]

T IV 50

[Sans Titre – Encre sur papier]

[No Title – Ink on paper]

July 1970

Work in situ

in Studio International, Volume 180, # 924 and in a special 48 page supplement of Studio International, # 1 7/6, of July/August, 1970.

Group exhibition

Yellow ink on white paper.

Each page: 29.8 x 24.5 cm.

London, Great Britain


Exhibition conceived by Seth Siegelaub and brought to fruition in the magazine Studio International, with a competition among six art critics, each having invited one or several artists to participate; each artist having at his/her disposal an eight page section. Michel Claura offered his eight pages - 1 to 24 - to Daniel Buren.

In stead of text or photographs, one finds a succession of alternating yellow and white vertical stripes continuing from one pate to the next, and keeping the precise size of the artist's typical work, that is stripes 8.7 cm. wide (+/- 0.3 ).

If a white or colored stripe falls at the edge of a righthand page and measures only 5 cm., the first stripe on the flip side of the following (lefthand) page will be 3. cm. wide. The following one 8.7 cm., etc.

The exhibition of works is explored in the uninterrupted succession of pages and broaches the question of a fragment (page by page) of a larger collection (the magazine)


2015, , Exposition de groupe


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Inv.: 1985. 310A-Y