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Artwork: Papiers collés

T IV 26

Papiers collés

Pasted up Papers]

May 1970

Work in situ

created for "Between Man and Matter / 10th tokyo Biennale' 70/ 10th International Art Exhibition of Japan," Tokyo Metropolitan Art Gallery.

Group exhibition

Alternating white and gray vertical striped paper, each stripe 8.7 cm. wide, paste

+/- 400 x 800 cm.

Tokyo, Japan


Display of two works, opposite each other in the same room:
a) one wall is entirely covered over with a white and grey striped paper:
b) the opposite wall is partially covered over with the same paper, in spite of the prohibition of the museum and after a heated discussion with the directors of the museum who feared being unable to remove the wallpaper completely at the close of the exhibition.

Work in correlation with various collages created, at the same time, in the metro and in the street, then in June, in Kyoto and in July in Nagoya.


1995, , Exposition de groupe


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