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Artwork: [Sans Titre – Encre sur papier]

T IV 51

[Sans Titre – Encre sur papier]

[No Title – Ink on paper]

July 9 1970

Work in situ

In the regional weekly paper Wochenspiegel, # 28, of July 9, 190, on the occasion of the exhibition in "Umwelt-Akzente: die Expansion der Kunst" - "Environment accents: The Expansion of Art", in the city of

One man show

Yellow ink on white paper.

Montjoie (Aix-La-Chapelle), Germany


With no explanation, alternating white and yellow stripes, each 8.7 cm. wide, appeared on page 4 of #28 of the weekly publication, to be correlated with the work in situ installed on bulletin boards in the city during the previous month of May.



* Honnef, Klaus : “Plädoyer für den Schock”, in Umwelt-Akzente : die Expansion der Kunst, Montjoie : Kunstkreis Monschau, mai 1970, allemand, repr. coul. p. 4.

* Buren, Daniel : [Sans Titre – Encre sur papier], in Woschenspiegel, Montjoie : Wochenspiegel Euskirchen, n° 28, juillet 1970, repr. coul. p. 4