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Artwork: [Sans Titre – Encre sur papier]

T IV 204

[Sans Titre – Encre sur papier]

[No Title – Ink on paper]

April 1972

created in "De Europa : Anselmo, Art and Language, Boetti, Buren, Darboven, Dibbets, Fulton, Long, Merz, Paolini, Ruthenbeck, Salvo, Zorio", John Weber Gallery

Gray ink on paper

20 x 20 cm. (closed) 20 x 40 cm. (opened)

New York City, United States


Artistic creation in the catalogue, without attributing the name of the author: on four pages, alternating stripes of gray and white, each one 8.7 cm. wide, beginning with a white stripe and continuing one after another.



* Russo, Antonio Tucci : De Europa, New York : John Weber Gallery, avril 1972, repr. 4 p. n. p. (sans nom)

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