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Artwork: Peinture vinylique blanche sur tissu rayé blanc et orange

T III 42

Peinture vinylique blanche sur tissu rayé blanc et orange

White vinyl paint on white and orange striped cloth

October 1968

White vinyl paint on cotton canvas woven in alternating white and orange vertical stripes, each 8.7 cm (± 0.3 cm) wide.

150 x 132 cm (on stretcher).

Milan, Italy


The two white stripes at each end are painted over with white paint on the front side.

This piece - exceptionally and like all the others originating from galleria Apollinaire and acquired by Guido Le Noci, director of the gallery - carry on the canvas, at the top and on the back side, the inscription, hand-written by the artist: "Made by Buren Milan October 1968", a stamp 'Galleria Apollinaire Edizioni' and, in addition, at the top of the stretcher: the notations '132 x 150' and 'Apollinaire'.

This work is one of the ten paintings completed by Daniel Buren at the time of his one-man exhibition at galleria Apollinaire in October 1968, but was never shown, access to the gallery having been blocked during the whole exhibition.

* 1968, october, Guido le Noci, galleria Apollinaire, Milan, Italy

Guido Le Noci, Milan, Italy