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Artwork: [Sans Titre – Papiers collés]

T IV 96

[Sans Titre – Papiers collés]

[No title – Pasted up Papers]

January 1971

Work in situ

in a private collection

Paper with alternating white and yellow vertical stripes, each 8. cm. wide, paste.

Monchengladbach, Germany

Travail reconstructible selon mode d'emploi


Paper was affixed to the entire wall of a vestibule, which had an opening in the center in the form of a doorway with a half-circle top, reflecting the form of the entry door to the house.

The work in its initial place was destroyed and recreated in the collection of M. Egidio Marzona, in Udine.

• 1971, January, Helga and Dr. Karl Heinemann, Monchengladbach, Germany
• 2003 Egidio Marzona, Verzegnis, (Udine,) Italy

Egidio Marzona, Verzegnis, (Udine), Italy