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Artwork: Papiers collés

T IV 1

Papiers collés

Pasted up Papers


Work in situ

in "955,000", Vancouver Art Gallery / Student Union Building Gallery, University of British Columbia

Group exhibition, organized by Lucy R. Lippard

Alternating white and green vertical striped paper, each stripe 8.7 cm, wide, paste.

Each panel of paper: 52 x 78.3 cm.

Vancouver, Canada

Travail détruit après l'exposition

Commissaire Lucy R. Lippard


The same project as the one installed at the show "557.087" in Seattle in September, 1969, but with seven other people.

a) [Nom}: Daniel Buren.
b) [Date of birth}: 25 March, 1938
c) [Place of birth]: Paris
d) [title, dimensions, material, date of (work)]: Nothing
e) [Photo or sketch of the work]: Nothing
f) [Additional information]:
1. I am not personally exhibiting in this show.
2. You can see during the two exhibitions, in Seattle and in Vancouver, some pieces of paper with white and colored stripes, pasted up on walls, fences, windows, etc., or inside the museum.
3. this display is the work of several people, whose names you will find in the catalogue, just like the names of the invited artists. It is a question of seeing the vertical stripes, alternating white and colored, which are nothing but white and colored stripes, which refer simply to white and colored stripes, whatever be their location, color, number or creator.


January 13 - February 8 1970, "955,000"


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* Claura, Michel : Comment (on Buren's text), in Studio International, Londres : Studio International, volume 179, n° 920, mars 1970, anglais, cit p. 105

D.B., Paris