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Artwork: Papiers collés pour quatre murs

T IV 92

Papiers collés pour quatre murs

Pasted up Papers for four walls

December 1970

Work in situ

created for a private collection

Paper with alternating white and colored vertical stripes, each 8.7 cm. wide.

Variable dimensions.

, France

Travail reconstructible selon mode d'emploi


Hand written description accompanying a hand written letter of April 5, 1988 from Daniel Buren to Roland Castro.

"To be in a room (bed room, dining room, living room, excluding the W.C. (toilet), bathroom and kitchen) which will be covered over with colored and white striped paper as indicated on the following drawing. A sufficient amount of paper will be given to the first owner for the first installation of the work in the chosen room . For all the following installations, the owner of the work will have to have printed or silkscreened, at his/her own expense, a sufficient amount of paper to complete the new installation. On this subject, two installations of the same shape and size and of the same color cannot take place at the same time, in the same place or in two separate places. The color of the paper given to the first owner will serve as a model for all the other reproductions (for that, always keep one sheet of the first lot). The printed sheets will be affixed with paste where the wall meets the ceiling and will run completely around the chosen room starting from one corner (see plans A,B.C)
If there is some molding or quarter-rounds or any type of architectural obstacle whatever between the ceiling and the wall, the paper must be affixed just below any and all these elements on the flat part of the wall (see plan E).
If, in going around the room, the paper meets a window or door or any other obstacle breaking the plane of the wall (see example in plan D), they (sic) will go around it and continue on the other side.
For the rest, refer to the clauses of the warning/ certificate which accompanies this work.