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Artwork: Une Peinture en deux pour un ou deux murs

T IV 245

Une Peinture en deux pour un ou deux murs

One painting in two parts for one or two walls

Painted in September 1967 / Cut in December 1972

White acrylic paint on cotton canvas woven in alternating white and orange vertical stripes, each 8.7cm. (± 0.3), wide

322 x 280 cm. (on unstretched canvas).

Paris, France


Painting – whose last two white stripes at each edge are painted over with white paint on the front side – cut into two parts before being hung at ground level on either side of the same wall, or one on each wall meeting in a corner.


1978, , Exposition de groupe


* Boudaille, Georges; Ichiro, Hariu; Seiji, Tsutsumi; Torao, Takasawa : "Regarding International Exhibitions - On the Occasion of Paris Biennale Retrospective Exhibition", in Mizue, Tokyo : Bijutsu Shuppan-sha, n° 878, mai 1978, japonais, repr. coul. p. 70

• private collection, Paris

Private collector, Paris, France