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Artwork: Manifestacija Acte II

T IV 230

Manifestacija Acte II

Performance Act II

September 29 1972

Situated work

In "Aspekti" / "Aspects" / "Aspetti" - 6 Bitef 72 [Belgrade international theater festival)", gallery 212, Theater of the City

White acrylic paint on cotton canvas woven in alternating white and red vertical stripes, each 8.7cm. (± 0.3), wide.

420 x 420 cm. (on unstretched canvas).

Belgrade, Yugoslavia


Display, in the form of a performance on the grand stage of the city theater, of a large white and red striped canvas, whose last two white stripes at each edge are painted over with white paint on the front side – suspended in front of the stage curtain. The 'performance'
ended, at the moment when the audience began to show signs of impatience, by distributing a flier telling them what they had just seen and thanking them for their attendance.

The work is related to the exhibition "Performance 3" - which could have been sub-titled Act I - at the Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris, May 30, 1967.


October 3-8 1972, "Kölner Kunstmarkt"


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private collection, Paris, France