Artwork: [Sans Titre]

[Sans Titre]

[No title]

January 1974

Work in situ

in "Giallo S FL 2/10 / Saranno presentate striscie verticali bianche e colorate sul retro esempio di un colore che puo essere utilizzato", Modern art agency

One man show

Alternating white and blue vertical striped paper, each stripe 8.7 cm. wide, paste

Variable dimensions.

Naples, Italy

Travail détruit après l'exposition


White and blue striped paper panels affixed with paste, completely covering both the front and back sides of three French windows opening out on the courtyard of the gallery, blocking visibility from the inside out and vice-versa.

A work in six parts, on the surface all identical as to their form and color, but perceived differently according to the angle of view, inside or outside.


1974, , Exposition personnelle