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Artwork: Papiers collés

T III 124

Papiers collés

Pasted up papers

September 1969

Work in situ

in "557,087", The Contemporary Art Council of the Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Art Museum Pavilion

Group exhibition

Alternating white and green vertical striped paper, each stripe 8.7 cm wide, paste.

Each piece of paper: 52 x 78.3 cm.

Seattle, United States


In the framework of this performance art piece, the work was carried out not by Daniel Buren, but by seven people - who took total responsibility for it - from the collage of striped papers in the city or museum, to the insertion of their names in the catalogue in alphabetical order (Morrie Alhadeff, Robert Dootson, Annie Gerber, Lucy R. Lippard, Thomas Maythem, Polly Rawn, Jinny Wright), exactly like all the other invited artists.

The various aspects of this work were, on one level, the possibility of being claimed by others than the usual artist and, thus, to reduce the importance of the artist in question in the traditional sense of the term and, on another level, to upset the choice made by the organizer of the exhibition by adding seven people to the initial list.

In the catalogue, in the form of an informational label, in the name of Daniel Buren, the following text, originally in English, was printed:

a) [Nom}: Daniel Buren.
b) [Date of birth}: 25 March, 1938
c) [Place of birth]: Paris
d) [title, dimensions, material, date of (work)]: Nothing
e) [Photo or sketch of the work]: Nothing
f) [Additional information]:
1. I am not personally exhibiting in this show.
2. You can see during the two exhibitions, in Seattle and in Vancouver, some pieces of paper with white and colored stripes, pasted up on walls, fences, windows, etc., or inside the museum.
3. this display is the work of several people, whose names you will find in the catalogue, just like the names of the invited artists. It is a question of seeing the vertical stripes, alternating white and colored, which are nothing but white and colored stripes, which refer simply to white and colored stripes, whatever be their location, color, number or creator.

Same project, same creation with seven different people for the exhibition "966,000" in January 1970 in Vancouver at the Vancouver art Gallery.


September 5 to October 5 1969, "557,087"

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* Buren, Daniel, “Affichage / Affichages sauvages, Seattle, 1969”, in Mot à Mot, Paris : Centre Pompidou / Éditions Xavier Barral / Éditions de la Martinière, juin 2002, cit. p. A 11-A 13.

Work destroyed after the exhibition.