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Artwork: Peinture acrylique sur tissu rayé blanc et rouge

T III 105

Peinture acrylique sur tissu rayé blanc et rouge

White acrylic paint on red and white striped cloth

June 1969

White acrylic paint on cotton canvas woven in alternating white and red vertical stripes, each 8.7 cm (± 0.3 cm) wide.

158 x 141 cm (on unstretched canvas). 151.5 x 134.3 cm (on stretcher).

Paris, France


The two white stripes at each end are painted over with white paint on the front side.


1978, , Exposition de groupe

* June 1969, Yvon Lambert collection, Paris, France
* January 1974, galerie Onnasch collection, Cologne, Germany
* 2009, private collection, Cologne, Germany
* 2010, private collection, Paris, France (Sotheby's auction, Paris France, 2 juin 2010, # 29)

private collection, Paris, France