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Artwork: [Sans Titre – Papier rayé blanc et gris]

T IV 94

[Sans Titre – Papier rayé blanc et gris]

[No title – White and gray striped paper]

January 1971

Work in situ

created in "Formulation: 10 European Conceptual Artists”, Addison Gallery of American Art

Group exhibition

Paper with alternating gray and white vertical stripes, each 8.7cm. wide, paste.

Each sheet of paper: +/- 52 x 78.3 cm.

Andover, Massachusetts, United States

Travail détruit après l'exposition


On the triangular pediment of the neo-classical portico on the facade of the museum, white and gray striped paper encircles the shaft of the two central columns – above their base and at a height equal to the height of a sheet of paper.
The work is visible day and night.



* Buren, Daniel : [Sans titre - extrait de "Mise en garde / Beware"], in Formulation, Andover, Massachusetts : (Addison Gallery of American Art), 1971, repr. 2ème de couverture