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Artwork: Peinture suspendue

T IV 219

Peinture suspendue

Suspended painting

June 1972

In “Invito a leggere come indicazione di quello che c’è da vedere” [gallery] Sperone.

One man show

White acrylic paint on a cotton canvas woven in alternating white and red vertical stripes, each 8.7cm. (± 0.3), wide, cable.

390 x 418.5 cm. (on unstretched canvas).

Turin, Italy


Striped canvas –composed of three panels of cloth sewn together whose last two white stripes at each edge are painted over with white paint on the front side – is hung by a cable stretched between two buildings, 10 meters from the ground, in the courtyard of the gallery.
Visible day and night, from both sides, in the public space.


2011, , Exposition de groupe


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private collector, Paris, France