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Exhibit: "Unauthorized Postings"

"Unauthorized Postings"

under the supervision of the gallery Art Project, in the city of

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

June 16-27 1970

Exposition personnelle

In conjunction with postings put up over several days and in various places in the city and announced by means of the local press - without revealing the name of the author nor the origin - the voluntary non-publication of Bulletin no. 24, edited by the [gallery] Art & Project of Amsterdam, which should have been sent by mail to all subscribers but which will remain forever after missing. The bulletins being each numbered from one exhibition to the next and being sometimes, in themselves, the exhibition, the "presence" of an unissued bulletin exists by its very absence.

This absence will be materialized and made perceptible in the publication of "Catalog of our bulletins", edited for the "Cologne Art Fair", of October 3, 1972, in which a space is left blank between bulletins no. 23, May 1970 and no. 25, June 23, 1970 and by a notice, at the end of the list, without the name of the artist, referencing the catalog of the exhibition "Documenta 5", page 17.31-A18.


Affichages sauvages June 1970


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