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Exhibit: "Information"


The Museum of Modern Art

New York, United States

July 2 - September 20 1970

Exposition de groupe

Exhibition organized by Kynaston McShine.

In the catalog, text by Daniel Buren on the theme of the exhibition stressing one of the points of the work in progress, to wit it is not possible to inform the public about the work other than to present the work itself. All information about the work being necessarily a simplification.

An unrealized project of affixing red and white paper on New York public buses.

"the only information possible concerning my work is to see it with one's own eyes. Because each image is illusion/transformation/reduction. All information about my work is a distortion of it.
The photo above, taken at the Montholon Square in Paris is an example of this."
Translation of the text of Daniel Buren appearing in the exhibition catalog: Information.

Exhibition catalogue


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