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Artwork: Peinture affichée – Pittura Affissa

T IV 211

Peinture affichée – Pittura Affissa

Posted up painting

May 1972

Work in situ

di Panico Street, 7, in “Peinture affichée – Pittura Affisa”, May [June] 26, 1972, Incontri Internazional d'Arte, Palazzo Taverna

One man show

Alternating white and yellow vertical striped paper, each stripe 8.7 cm. wide, paste.

Variable dimensions.

Rome, Italy


Work in two parts. Yellow and white striped paper pasted up on the exterior - Posted picture A - between the two doors of the facade of a house looking onto the street, di Panico 7, and located opposite the Palazzo Taverna. Work visible day and night.

A second work - Posted picture B - reiterates picture A, in an interior space of the Palazzo Taverna. The work is visible during the open hours of the palace and both works are visible at the same time from one of the windows of the palace.

Identical in color and size - the width corresponding to that of the wall between the two doors of the facade (relevant in the gallery) and the height to that of the picture rails inside the Palazzo Taverna (relevant in the street). The window in the gallery, the pivotal point of this ensemble , is where either of the two works can be seen .

The difference in perception of an identical work of art, depending on its environment, is what is highlighted.

Duplicated document distributed at the exhibition:
Peinture afichée – Pittura Affissa

Two works, A and B, are displayed, each consisting of yellow and white vertical stripes on paper, affixed to their respective supporting surfaces.

Location of work A: in the interior, 7, di Panico Street.
Location of work B: in the interior, the Incontri space.
1. B determined the dimensions of A.
2. B cannot be seen from the place where A is located.
3. A can be seen from the window of the space where B is located.
5. A and B can be seen simultaneously.
6. A cannot be understood without B.
7. A and B are strictly identical in form and color.
8. A is fundamentally different from B.
9. A and B together make up this presentation and are a part of the work undertaken since 1965.



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