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Artwork: Papiers collés pour trois murs

T IV 212

Papiers collés pour trois murs

Pasted up Papers for three walls

May 1972

Work in situ

in collection Françoise et Jean-Philippe Billarant

Alternating green and white vertical striped paper, each stripe 8.7 cm. wide, paste.

Variable dimensions.

Paris, France

Travail reconstructible selon mode d'emploi


The striped wallpaper covers the totality of a rectangular wall; at the two upper corners on both the right and the left side, an isosceles triangle of one meter per side is cut out and pasted, reverse side showing, on the two adjacent walls, leaving bare the now empty space on the main wall.

The alternating colored and white striped pattern of the wallpaper can be discerned faintly through the surface of the two triangles pasted up back side out.


1995, , Exposition de groupe

1997, , Exposition de groupe

2002, , Exposition de groupe

2017, , Exposition de groupe


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Billarant, Paris, France