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Exhibit: "July / August Exhibition Book / Juillet / Août Exposition Livre / Juli / August Ausstellung Buch"

"July / August Exhibition Book / Juillet / Août Exposition Livre / Juli / August Ausstellung Buch"

International Studio, Volume 180, no. 924 and special 48 page supplement of International Studio, no. 1 7/6

London, Great Britain

July-August 1970

Exposition de groupe

Exhibition organized by Seth Siegelaub

Exhibition in a store. Each eight page section is given to one of the six art critics - David Antin, Germano Celant, Michel Claura, Charles Harrison, Lucy R. Lippard, Hans Strelow - who invites the artist or artists of his/her choice.

Michel Claura offered his eight pages to Daniel Buren. In stead of a text or photographs, he printed vertical white and yellow stripes the actual size of his work usually displayed, the pattern continuing from one page to the next.

Exhibition catalogue


[Sans Titre – Encre sur papier] July 1970


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