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Artwork: Une Peinture en deux

T IV 236

Une Peinture en deux

One Painting in two Parts

October 1972

Work in situ

created in

White acrylic paint on cotton canvas woven in alternating white and orange vertical stripes, each 8.7 (± 0.3) cm. wide and cut up into two parts.

125.t x 142 cm. before being cut. Part after cutting: 63 x 70 cm.

Paris, France


Painting – with the last two white stripes at each edge painted over with white paint on the front side – cut into two parts before being stapled in the middle of the same wall, the top edge of the small element against the ceiling and the uncut lower edge of the large element touching the floor, and placed so that the vertical stripes are iin exact alignment.


2002, , Exposition de groupe

June, 2002, private collection, London (bought from the Daniel Templon gallery, Paris)

private collector, London, Great Britain