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Artwork: Affichage sauvage

T IV 166

Affichage sauvage

Wild Billsticking

December 1971

Work in situ

on the occasion of the exhibition "The World Uprisings", The Imaginary Space Research Center, organized in Nagano-Ken, Japan

Alternating white and yellow vertical striped paper, each stripe 8.7 cm. wide, paste.

55 x 72 cm.

Paris, France

Travail détruit après l'exposition


At the invitation of the director, the artist was asked to create a work based on the theme of disappearance.

Yellow and white striped paper, affixed with paste to an exterior wall, at 36, rue des Martyrs in Paris, of which no photo is available, due to destruction of the work before it could be captured.


December 1971, "The World Uprisings"