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Artwork: [Sans Titre – Papiers collés]

T IV 111

[Sans Titre – Papiers collés]

[No title – Pasted up paper]

April 1971

Work in situ

in "Zu Lesen als Anhaltspunkt Dessen was zu sehen ist" = "Invitation to read as an indication of what can be seen," gallery Folkar Skulma

One man show

Altternated white and yellow vertical striped paper, each stripe 8.7 cm. wide, paste.

Wall: 350 x 700 cm.

Berlin, Germany

Travail détruit après l'exposition


White and yellow striped paper affixed to the totality of the principal wall of the gallery, visible from the interior, and on the glass of one of the windows looking out on the street, visible both day and night.


Work destroyed after the exhibition