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Exhibit: "18 Paris IV. 1970"

"18 Paris IV. 1970"

66, Mouffetard Street

Paris, France

April 4 1970

Exposition de groupe

Exhibition was the idea of Michel Claura and was organized by Seth Siegelaub.

Each of the eighteen artists in the exhibition - Robert Barry, Marcel Broodthaers, Stanley Brouwn, Daniel Buren, Jan Dibbets, Jean-Pierre Djian, Gilbert & George, François Guinochet, Douglas Huebler, On Kawara, Joseph Kosuth, David Lamelas, Sol LeWitt, Richard Long, Edward Ruscha, Robert Ryman, Niele Toroni, Lawrence Weiner, Ian Wilson - were invited to send a preliminary project and to create their final definitive project after learning about the projects of the other seventeen participating artists.

Initial project not carried out: critique and/or creation of all the preliminary projects proposed by the artists for this exhibit.
Project chosen: retrospective presentation, by means of text in the exhibit catalog, of the work installed the preceding month in the Paris metro consisting of pasting up white and blue striped paper on the upper right hand corner of a publicity signboards in about a hundred Paris metro stations.

Final text published in the exhibition catalogue:
"I MY FIRST PROJECT IS; TO CRITIQUE (that is to shed light on their own originality) AND/OR TO CREATE (that is, to the extent possible, depersonalize)

II MY SECOND PROJECT IS THE LITERAL CREATION OF MY FIRST PROJECT, that is, blue and white stripes were on display, outside the limits of this exhibit, from March 25 through March 31 in 110 metro stations."

"Among the eighteen invited artists, David Lamelas made a 16 mm film in black and white lasting 9 minutes, in which Daniel Buren, Raul Escari and Pierre Grimberg were the actors.
"The cameraman follows the instruction of Daniel Buren, Raul Escari and Pierre Grimberg, who will name the moment when the film must be made.
Three minutes later, the person being filmed will give the time to the cameraman. The cameraman will then stop filming. The camera must remain still while filming and the three people can be filmed anywhere at all in Paris.
1. Daniel Buren - 3 minutes
2. Raul Escari - 3 minutes.
3. Pierre Brimberg - 3 minutes.

January 28, 1970

Exhibition catalogue


Cent-dix Stations du métro parisien 1970


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