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Exhibit: "At the moment" - “First international of Conceptual Art”

"At the moment" - “First international of Conceptual Art”

Haustor (Entrance Hall), Frankopanska Street, no. 2a.

Zagreb, Yugoslavia

April 23 1971

Exposition de groupe

Curators: Nena and Braco Dimitrijevic

Group exhibition which was held for only one day, between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. in the entrance hall of a building, chosen for its independence from any museum or gallery.

In conjunction with yellow and white wallpaper affixed to the wall of the hallway, there was displayed the text, "Beware" (July 1969), published in its English version in March 1970 in Studio International.


[Sans Titre – Papier collé] April 1971


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