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Exhibit: "Projects: Pier 18"

"Projects: Pier 18"

an abandoned wharf on the Hudson River and MOMA, Museum of Modern Art

New York, United States

June 21 - July 31 1971

Exposition de groupe

Curator: Willoughby Sharp

The exhibition, at MOMA, grouped together the photographs of Harry Shunk and Janos Kender - commissioned by Willoughby Sharp - of the works created by twenty-seven artist, on the abandoned wharf named Pier 18 on the Hudson River - hence the title of the exhibition - in New York.

Instead of and in the place of a photograph of the work, there was a notice indicating that a work made in October 1970 in New York (13 bis, Bleecker Street), was still visible and in tact at the time of this exhibition. Repetition of an invitation to go back, tirelessly, to the work itself and not refer to its reproduction by photography or any other media.


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