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"Guggenheim International Exhibition 1971"
"Eight proposals'
No title - Ink on paper
"Situation Cencepts"
"At the moment" -  “First international of Conceptual Art”
"Zu Lesen als Anhaltspunkt Dessen was zu sehen ist"
"Sammlung Cremer, Kunst der sechziger Jahre"
"Der Frankfurter Kunstverein zur Experimenta 4"
"Daniel Buren"
"Sonsbeek 71 : Sonsbeek buiten de perken, Deel1/Part 1" = "Sonsbeek 71 : Hors les Murs"  [Outside the walls]
"Projects: Pier 18"
"Five works in Paris - unauthorized postings'
"Collection de Monsieur et Madame B.” [ Collection of Mr. and Mrs. B ]
"In Another Moment"
“KKM'71 : Kölner Kunst Markt  / Cologne Art Fair / Cologen Foire d'Art”
"KKM'71: Kölner Kunst Markt  / Cologne Art Fair / Cologne Foire d'Art”
"Dunkelgrün HKS 55 N"
“A Private Collector”
Barry, Bochner, Boetti, Buren, Darboven, Dibbets, Fabro, Huebler, LeWitt, Paolini, Ryman - inauguration of the gallery.
"The World Uprisings"
"Projektion. Film, video, fotos of dias af 75 kunstnere"
"Giallo S FL 2/10 / Sarannao presentate striscie verticali bianche e colorate sul retro esempio di un colore che puo essere utilizzato"
"Three works in Naples - unauthorized postings"
"You are invited to see a painting composed of the following elements..."